Web Accounting with POS
Web Accounting is a double entry accounting system. Accounting data is stored in a SQL database server, for the display any text or GUI browser can be used. The entire system is linked through a chart of accounts. Each item in inventory is linked to income, expense, inventory and tax accounts. When items are sold and purchased the accounts are automatically updated.

With the assembly feature you can build manufactured goods from parts, services, labor units and assemblies. When the assembly is sold all the accounts linked to the individual parts, services, labor units and assemblies are updated and stock levels adjusted accordingly.

Invoices, Packing List, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Sales, Work and Purchase Order, Statements, Receipts and Checks are generated from templates. Documents can be sent to a printer, file or fax, displayed with a PDF viewer or sent by email.

AR, AP, GL reports can be customized and sorted to generate a great number of reports, aging reports show you what is outstanding at any given time, the tax report can be used to generate a list with taxable transaction for taxes collected and paid. The GL report can be used to produce sales and purchase journals or ledgers of any kind. You can also drill down into each account and view / edit transaction from the entire system.
Accounts Receivable
- multiple AR account
- customerizable reports for all customers or one customer
- sort reports by invoice and due dates, invoice number, customer
- aging report for all customers or one customer
- enter payments received for open invoices
- customizable customer invoice
Accounts Payable
- multiple AP account
- aging report for all vendors or one vendor
- enter payments for open invoices
- vendor invoices
- purchase orders
General Ledger
- selection list for accounts
- record source, description, dates
- customizable reports for all accounts or asset, liabillity, equity, income or expense accounts
- reports include all transactions posted by any module
- drill down into accounts to generate ledgers
- create sales journal purchase journals or tax reports
- create multiple reports from just one interface
- data entered to filter reports is carried over to the next report
Inventory Control
- parts link to inventory, income, expense and tax accounts
- assemblies (manufactured goods) link to income and tax accounts
- service items link to income, expense and tax accounts
- inventory is recorded when items are purchased
- all expenses for cost of goods are posted when an item is sold
- expenses for service items are recorded when purchased
- entry to inventory is in no particular order
- stock parts with Vendor Invoice (Merchandise Received)
- keep inventory in multiple warehouses
- ship/receive merchandise
- transfer between warehouses
- stock assemblies re-order point calculates how many should be on hand assemblies can also be stocked from the assembly screen
- customizable reports
- sort reports by headings
- convenient way to keep price lists for vendors and customers
Billing / Invoicing
- post to selectable AR AP account
- customizable customer invoice
- email invoice
- packing / pick list
- vendor invoice functions also as merchandise received module to stock inventory
- cash receipt report divided into payment types
- screen printout for supervisors to view all open invoices
- user limited access to menu items
- cash receipt printout
- POS invoice with many forms of payment
Purchase / Sales Orders
- customizable purchase order
- customizable sales order
- email sales order to customer
- email purchase order to vendor
- create vendor invoice from purchase order
- create customer invoice from sales order could be used for quotations too
- save orders for recurring invoices
- customizable reports
- generate purchase orders from sales orders
- multiple user access
- use the same login name or another name
- access control enable only certain menu items, others are not shown
- language selection
- company address can be changed for different location (warehouse)
- multiple companies with one installation
- companies use their own space
- access to data is controlled per user
- access control
Audit Control
- enforce transaction reversal for all dates
- close books up to a date to prevent users from editing or deleting transactions that are closed
- post and delete buttons are not shown for closed transaction
- incorrect transactions must be reversed and entered anew
Foreign Currency
- foreign currency invoices
- automatically keep track of exchange rate difference, gains and losses
- foreign currency transactions
- foreign currency orders
- billing address and shipping address if not filled in then billing address is used instead
- set customer taxable at each tax rate
- additionally set if tax should be included in price
- payment terms due dates are calculated based on the terms entered
- space for notes
- discount to be applied
- customizable reports
- sort customer list
- vendor address
- set vendor taxable at each tax rate
- additionally set if tax should be included in price
- payment terms due dates are calculated based on the terms entered
- space for notes
- customizable reports
- sort vendor list
Assemblies (BOM, kits)
- assemblies, manufactured goods or kits are a combination of parts, services and/or assemblies
- linked to income and tax accounts
- assemblies can be built from other assemblies
- cost of goods and expenses are posted when the assembly is sold
- stock assemblies
- total price and weight calculated
- change selling price rather than using a calculated total
- individual items can be changed from within assembly screen any price and weight change will change the totals for the assembly
- customizable reports
Chart of Accounts
- organize chart of accounts into headings and accounts
- available account types Asset, Liability, Equity, Income, Expense, whether the account is a contra account, and if the account should be a Heading or an Account
- set accounts to a summary account for Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, Inventory
- include account in drop-down selection menus on AR, AP, tracking and non-tracking items screens
- set account as a tax account
- change account numbers anytime
- setup your own master chart of accounts for setting up new companies
- list chart of accounts with Debit and Credit columns
- drill down into account number for a list of transactions
- limit transactions to a date range, period, and an amount
- include subtotals in ledgers
- sort ledgers by date, reference, description, source, and account
Financial Statements
- customizable templates for Balance Sheet Income Statement
- html templates with embedded codes failsafe, codes are replaced at runtime won't break the code if there is an error in the template
- built-in template editor
- compare periods
- include headings and subtotals on trial balance
- drill down into each account for a complete list of transactions posted to the account
- limit trial balance to a range of dates
- data filters are carried over to the next report
- links to original transaction
- sort report by date, source, description
- subtotals on sorted column


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