Softerprise MyERP
Softerprise MyERP is a product that boosts productivity and profit through data integration. It connects, improves and manages business processes; sales, finance, supply chain, project management and production.
Sale Order Softerprise MyERP helps you to write requests for quotation and orders with a complete view of all your business processes.
Business Opportunities Softerprise MyERP helps your salesmen to track opportunities. See how the commercial director can evaluate the salesmen.
Inventory Control
Traceability MyERP manages upstream and downstream traceability. Every record and transaction can be back tracked for a better visibility through all your processes.
Inventory Control MyERP double-entry inventory can help you to track, organise and plan inventory moves.
Accounting MyERP financial management software can help you improve purchasing, budgeting, invoicing, forecasting so you can improve the productivity and profitability of your business.
Audit Trail You can easily trace a transaction back to its origin for internal and external auditing and analysis.
Office Integration MyERP interfaces with all Office components for better productivity of your daily activities; import/export, mass mailing, PDF production, ...
Projects and services
Project Management MyERP project management module that can help you manage service requests and tasks efficiently.


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